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Successful options trading part 2: Having the right mindset

July 28th, 2014

evaluate-stock-market By Graeme Ballard, eSignal and Advanced GET Trading Specialist

Once individuals have developed a proper foundation of options trading knowledge, they need to be sure they have the right mindset before they get started.

Having this frame of mind is multifaceted, and can prevent an investor from making costly mistakes.

1) Keeping emotions under control
If an investor wants to trade options, he should be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride. In order to function effectively, an individual must control his feelings through the highs and lows. This includes not becoming overconfident at any point, and also not growing discouraged if things don’t go exactly as planned.

Investors must also refrain from becoming attached to any particular trades or stocks. The best traders never behave in this manner. If a strategy does not work out, investors should be ready to cut their losses and start anew.

Finally, individuals who want to participate in options trading must be sure to stick to their predefined investing system. Making a bad trade here and there is not a huge deal.

2) Staying focused
This dovetails with controlling one’s emotions. Once an investor has determined his plan, he must stick to it regardless of major news events and market experts providing their opinions. The individual should avoid getting flustered when he sees all the profits and losses contained on his account statement.

Losing focus can be a great way to rack up losses, so if a person involved in options trading starts feeling stressed or distracted, he might want to simply exit his existing positions and take a break. After doing so, the individual might come back with a clear head and enjoy far better performance.

3) Staying committed
Successful options trading requires substantial commitment. While many have great ideas and hunches about where the markets will go, generating satisfactory returns with these financial instruments requires a person to be diligent.

This includes monitoring not only one’s own trading, but also market cycles, what is going on in the news and what the investment outlook looks like.

Keeping this commitment in mind is crucial, as anyone who does not stay on top of their game at all times is at risk of running into trouble.

Once investors have the following traits, they are one step closer to successful options trading.