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TODAY’s eSignal Webinar: Extracting the Market Signal from Social Media Financial-Related Chatter

September 10th, 2014

eSignal Learning proudly presents: Igor Gonta, CEO and Founder of Market Prophit.  The webinar topic will be: Extracting the Market Signal from Social Media Financial-Related Chatter


With the explosion of finance-related chatter in social media, it is important for investors and traders to be able to analyze and quantify the crowd-sourced sentiment of this chatter in real-time. Market Prophit takes a unique approach to this by calculating signals from two types of sources: the “Crowd” and the “Market Prophits”.

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In this webinar, we will cover the following:

  • Overview of the two main sources of Market Prophits’ sentiment for its indicators
    • Crowd, the sentiment signal derived from all financial-related chatter tracked by Market Prophit
    • Market Prophit, the sentiment signal derived from only those financial message posters that receive a Market Prophit Score
  • Overview of Market Prophit’s three tiers for eSignal: Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Overview of additional functionality on the Market Prophit website – individual financial message poster scores, email alerts, heat maps, dashboards, etc.

Special Promotion: Market Prophit is offering a free subscription to their website for all eSignal subscribers to the Market Prophit indicators (at the respective tier level of service subscribed to on the eSignal platform).

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