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Crude Oil Forecast: WTI’s Relief Rally Might Be Short Lived

January 26th, 2016

WTI’s rally from $27.56 late last week was sparked by a few positive technical factors such as a daily bullish engulfing line and momentum divergence. These are factors that would normally accompany a major turn. The move up was a bit over exuberant though, and has stalled at $32.74. Major support at $29.6 is already being tested, and it looks like the rally might be short lived. Read More »

How to cure the 2015 stock market hangover

January 26th, 2016

China, oil, interest rates and Wall Street’s worst-ever start – when will the good feelings come back to the stock market? Should investors divest or invest? There are no easy ways to answer these two questions, other than to say “soon” and “invest.”  Read More »