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Natural Gas Forecast: June Rises Toward Key Resistance at $2.195

May 11th, 2016

By Dean Rogers, GM & Senior Analyst, Kase and Company, Inc.

Natural gas continues to send mixed signals on a day-to-day basis. However, that is pretty typical for this time of year during the shoulder months ahead of summer. Natural gas is trying to gauge the prospects of a recovery or a continued decline over the course of the longer-term, but it needs to gather more information first. With all current factors considered, it is looking like natural gas is settling into another trading range, though the boundaries of the range are still being determined.

For now, odds still favor a decline. June natural gas met the 0.618 projection for the wave $2.304 – 2.042 – 2.195 at $2.026 on Monday. Waves that meet the 0.618 projection typically extend to the 1.00 projection, in this case $1.93. Therefore, unless $2.195 is overcome, odds ultimately favor $1.93.


That said, the wave up from $2.026, aided by today’s close over $2.14, shows potential to extend to its 1.618 projection of $2.19. This is near the $2.195 swing high and the 62 percent retracement of the decline from $2.304 to $2.026. A move above $2.195 would take out the wave down from $2.304 that projects to $1.93 and lower, and in turn, shift odds in favor of $2.28 and higher.

First support is $2.06, the 0.618 projection of the wave $2.195 – 2.026 – 2.16. A close below this would take out the wave up from $2.026 and the near-term potential of overcoming $2.195. This would also open the way for another attempt at $2.00 and lower.

The key over the next few days will be either a move above $2.195 or below $2.061. As stated, odds favor the decline, but it is a very tight call right now.

This is a brief natural gas forecast for the next day or so. Our weekly Natural Gas Commentary is a much more detailed and thorough analysis. If you are interested in learning more, please sign up for a complimentary four-week trial.

About The Author

Dean Rogers is the General Manager and Senior Analyst at the Kase Call Center. Dean began his career with Kase and Company, Inc. in early 2000 as a part-time programmer. Early in his career with Kase, Dean wrote programs and modules to help expedite and automate parts of Kase’s internal forecasting and hedging systems. He also worked extensively with the Kase StatWare® trading indicators. With this work, he quickly became passionate about the markets, and in particular, technical analysis. Dean’s new found market enthusiasm, along with his strong work ethic and dedication to Kase and its clients, resulted in him becoming Ms. Cynthia A. Kase’s protégé and ultimately her “right hand man”.

Dean oversees all of Kase’s day-to-day operations and writes Kase’s award winning weekly and quarterly crude oil and natural gas forecasts. He also teaches at Kase’s technical analysis and energy risk management courses, manages all programming and development, and collaborates closely with Ms. Kase in developing new software and carrying out quantitative analytics research.

Dean is a member of the Market Technicians Association, has been quoted in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal®, Bloomberg® and Reuters® publications, and Black & Veatch’s® Cap Markets Report. He has also been published in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities® magazine and contributed articles to various eSignal™ and Bloomberg® publications.