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Deciding on blue chips? Buy big brands

June 12th, 2016

The most important question any new investor has is: What should I invest in? We watch CNBC and Bloomberg because they have an entire television schedule of stocks to watch, but you’ve never heard of any of them. While there’s no sure-fire advice on what you should buy as a new investor, it may be a smart play to go with what you know. Read More »

These dividend stocks are still yielding strong returns

June 8th, 2016

For some investors, dividend stocks are about as sexy as watching dust collect on books in a library. There is no doubt that they have strong histories of profits; they just do not generate the kind of overnight millionaire returns that some investors look for.¬† Read More »

It’s Q2 so what should you do? Look for blue

April 14th, 2016

What you should do for Q2 is look for blue. Find blue-chip stocks at reduced prices. These dividend stocks are undervalued because of recent events. But they have a proven track record of generating income. And there is good reason to think they will regain part, if not all, of those past yield rates. Read More »